Kleros Documentation

The purpose of this repository is to serve as a living contribution and collaboration guide for all our projects.

Everyone, not just Kleros employees, is welcome to participate in its writing and editing.

All of our projects' CONTRIBUTING.md files link to this page, but they can also specify their own project specific guidelines in that same file.

This GitBook is maintained at github.com/kleros/kleros.md and hosted at kleros.gitbooks.io/kleros-md!


The general contribution flow for our repos can be found here: Contributing.

Releases, Versions, and Changelog

We use the following conventions for releasing new versions of our packages and/or apps: Releases, Versions, and Changelog.

Code Style and Guidelines

Code style and guidelines are tool/language specific. These are the guidelines for the ones we use:

Kleros Scripts

To make it easier for everyone to adhere to the code style and guidelines. We use the package https://github.com/kleros/kleros-scripts as a central point for linting, formatting, githooks, and other helpful scripts/tools.

Our Architecture

Here is a brief overview of the Kleros' implementation software architecture: Software Architecture.

Smart Contract Deployment and Usage

There is a bit of a set up process involved if you want to develop with your own smart contracts. You can find that here: Smart Contract Deployment and Usage.


If you have any questions or need help, reach out to us on our slack channel here: https://slack.kleros.io.

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